Best Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain

best office chairs for lower back pain

Lower back pain is a common ailment experienced by many people on a regular basis. Sitting for long hours on an uncomfortable office chair can exacerbate the pain. In this article I’ve reviewed many so called ergonomic office chairs to bring you only the very best office chairs for lower back pain.

Fortunately, there are office chairs which are ergonomically designed to support the natural contours of the back and help alleviate lower back pain. Using a well designed and supportive chair could mean the difference between having an aching back in the evening and feeling the freedom of unhindered movement.

In this article I’ve compared the host of options available on the market and selected the best office chairs in three price ranges (premium, mid range, budget). If you don’t want to read the full length of the article you can click here for a quick summary.

I compared and contrasted different office chair options for people with lower back pain and identified the best option within three price ranges.
Michael – The Chair Analyst

Key Office Chair Selection Criteria

After doing some initial research on the body postures which can alleviate lower back pain I then researched the different office chair options which have specific features designed to provide a more comfortable seating experience and prevent back pain. I then selected the best chair in three categories: premium, mid-range, and budget.

Adjustable lumbar support

A crucial feature of an office chair for back pain. Lumbar support should also be adjustable so it can match the specific contours of your body, as incorrectly positioned lumbar support devices can actually cause more harm than good. Ideally lumbar support devices should be both height and depth adjustable.

Lumbar support whist reclining

Given the fact that a reclined position reduces the load on lumbar vertebrae compared to when in an upright seating position, it is important that the lumbar support is available when in a reclined position. Furthermore, not all tasks are completed whilst in an upright position. Many tasks, such as making phone calls, are commonly undertaken whilst in a reclining position. Since these tasks can take up a consideration amount of time spent on your chair, having adequate lumbar support is whilst in a reclined position is particularly important.

High back and head rest

A high back and head rest make it possible to comfortably complete tasks in a reclined position. Without these features extended periods of reclining to unload the lumbar vertebrae is simply not viable for most people.


I’ve reviewed a variety of options of office chairs across manufactures and selected what I believe to be the best office chair for people suffering from lower back pain in three price ranges (premium, mid range, and budget). Only the best in each category has been presented ultimately helping to make the choice easier for you.

#1 Steelcase Gesture with Headrest

Steelcase Gesture with headrest a comfortable office chair for people suffering from lower back pain

Max Recline: 120 degrees
Max capacity: 400lbs or 181kgs

 Responsive posture support Does not lock into reclined position
 Height and depth adjustable lumbar support
 Fully adjustable arm rests
 Adjustable seat depth to cater for your leg length
 Adjustable head rest

Features that make the chair great for people with back pain

The Steelcase Gesture is revolutionary in it’s dynamic and synchronised support system. It provides automatically adjusting support based on your sitting posture. This provides you with a new sitting experience which places them in control of their posture rather than forcing themselves to adapt to the constraints of the chair. The most noteworthy features of the Gesture include:

  • Fully adjustable lumbar support – height and depth adjustable lumbar support to perfectly suit the natural contours of each individual
  • Responsive posture support – Provides continuous and instantaneous postural support when the you recline in the chair
  • Adjustable seat depth – Seat depth can be adjusted so excessive pressure on the back of the knees can be avoided which helps promote blood circulation to the feet and toes.
  • Fully adjustable arm rests – at the push of a button arm rests are quickly and easily adjusted to suit the your arm positioning. This ensures adequate support when working with different devices.
  • Ships fully assembled – no assembly hassles

Downsides of this great office chair

The Steelcase Gesture with head rest is sets the benchmark as far as ergonomically designed office chairs to support people with lower back pain in concerned. The only downside to this amazing chair is the:

  • Inability to lock the chair into a reclined position – constant rear pressure must be applied in order to remain in a reclined position


The Steelcase Gesture with headrest is the perfect office chair suited to people with lower back pain as it provides dependable support whatever posture they want to work in. The dynamic synchronised support system instantly adapts it’s support to your posture. Unlike it’s competitors which require manual readjustment of support features whenever posture is changed.

#2 SIDIZ T80  

Sidz-T80 computer chair for lower back pain

Max Recline: 130 degrees
Max capacity: 250lbs or 113kg

 Responsive posture support Low max weight capacity
  Fully adjustable lumbar support
 Mesh back
 Fully adjustable arms
 Adjustable head rest
 Adjustable seat depth and slope

Features that make the chair a great option if your suffering from back pain

The Sidiz T80 a real premium ergonomic chair with premium features but in a much more affordable mid range price bracket. These are just some of the features the T80 boasts:

  • Responsive posture support – Their responsive postural support technology or “Ultimate Sync” is the fruit of 6 years of research making to possible for the chair to dynamically respond to your reclining movements to support your body within a mere 3.2mm gap between your back and the chair.
  • Fully adjustable lumbar support – Get the lumbar support adjusted perfectly to your needs with both height and depth lumbar support capabilities
  • Mesh back –  provides a nice cool and comfortable seating experience even after long hours of use
  • Fully adjustable arm rests – Adjust the arm rests in all 3 dimensions forwards and backwards, left and right up and down
  • Adjustable head rest – Height and angle of headrest is adjustable to best suit your preferences
  • Adjustable seat depth and slope- Adjust the seat depth perfectly to avoid excessive pressure on the back of your knees. Seat slope can be used to help promote a more forward centred posture for interacting with desk space and concentrated work, whilst a posterior slope helps promote a reclined posture.

Downsides of this great office chair

The T80 is such a magnificent and complete modern day office chair that the only knock-back on the chair is the low weight bearing capacity.

  • Max weight capacity – at 250lbs or 113kg unfortunately this chair would not be sufficient for many larger people’s needs.


The Sidiz T80 is indeed up there with the premium level office chairs in terms of features, build quality and design. Seemingly very few if any compromises in features or quality compared to the market leaders makes the mid range price tag of the T80 scream for buyers attention. If your after a comfortable posture supporting office chair to help alleviate your lower back pain then the T80 deserves some very serious consideration. It is one of the best office chairs for lower back pain.

#3 Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair 

Duramont Ergonomic task chair for back pain

Max Recline: 120 degrees
Max capacity: 330lbs or 150kg

  Fully adjustable lumbar support Arm rest width difficult to adjust
 Mesh back
 Height adjustable arm rests
 Adjustable head rest

Features that make it well suited for people with lower back pain

The Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair is a great office chair with the essential ergonomic features required for people with lower back pain. It has many valuable features most importantly:

  • Fully adjustable lumbar support – lumbar support is both height and depth adjustable making it possible to get just the right amount of support for your needs.
  • Mesh back – Provides ventilation and allows you to sit comfortably for long hours without getting a sweaty back
  • Height adjustable arm rests – customize the arm rest height to suit your preferences
  • Adjustable head rest – Height and angle of headrest is adjustable to best suit your preferences

Downsides of this great office chair

Duramont ergonomic office chair has a few downsides to consider:

  • Arm rest width is difficult to adjust- Many office chair’s arm rest width can easily be adjusted with the simple press of a button, however this chair must be turned over, bolts removed and realigned to desired width reinserted and tightened. Not something you want to do often.


The Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair is a great no frills solution for someone looking to get a decent office chair with adjustable support features to help them work in a seated position for an extended period of time without back pain. The price-point makes it an attractive option for anyone looking to keep to a tighter budget.