About The Chair Analyst

Hi My name is Michael and welcome to my site chairanalyst.com. I’m a business analyst by profession and part time blogger. I hope you find this site about the best office chairs useful to you and are able to save time and energy through reading my articles. This is my story about how chairanalyst.com came about.

The Story Behind Chair Analyst

A few years ago I sustained a number of serious injuries due to a serious car accident I was involved in. I was stuck in hospital for an extended period of time as I underwent numerous surgical procedures in an attempt to heal by damaged body. After I was omitted from hospital I was unable to work for an extended period of time. Eventually, I returned to work albeit I was working remotely from my home office. Prior to the accident I was never required to work long hours in my home office. I quickly discovered that my home office chair was not adequate for sitting in for long hours.

I found that my shoulders felt really tense after about 3-4 hours and by the end of the day not only were my shoulders achy but my lower back felt really fatigued. After a couple of days, the discomfort became almost unbearable. I found myself having to get out of my seat and walk around every half hour. This walking around often led to me becoming distracted by my phone or just in general loosing focus on my work, making it more difficult to pick up where I left off when the time came to return to my work. I found that I by lunch time my body was already feeling sore and achy.

After enduring the discomfort for a couple of days, eventually I decided it would be a good idea to invest in a more comfortable office chair. One that would be comfortable enough so that I could sit in it for at least 2-3 hours without having to get up and walk around, that way I could at least get a decent amount of work done each in a single sitting. I wanted to be able to sit in an office chair that wouldn’t give me a sore back every evening. I was looking for something more ergonomically designed than the old office chair I had had received as a hand-me down from my uncle whilst I was studying in college. As much as I had many fond memories of late night study sessions the day before my exams, it was time for an upgrade.

I found myself on Google searching for the best office chair. There was a sea of information from different review sites and chair retailers and manufacturers. It was difficult to find simple clear information about what office chairs where the best for my situation. I’m a pretty big guy 6 foot 10 to be precise and well let’s just say I weigh more than both I and my doctors would like. All the reviews I read were about the best office chairs for regular sized people. I could not easily find information and options which were relevant to me.

My Mission: Find the best office chairs for people

So I decided that I would share what I found and compile it in an easy to read format so that other people in my situation could find the right chair for them. I thought well instead of just researching and writing about the best office chairs for large people I thought heck wouldn’t it be great if I could find the right chair for shorter people and for people in hot or cold climates, or people who wanted to use their office chair for other purposes too, like a reclining arm chair. So my mission of finding the best home office chairs for people came about.

Michael reviews office chairs

I hope you find my articles useful to you and that you’re able to find some great suggestions based on your particular situation. A great place to start is my top 3 selection of best home office chairs here you’ll get a quick snapshot of what I deemed to be the best chair in each category based on my research. It’s super short and simple with the pros and cons listed to make your decision easier. You can also take a look at my reviews for each categories for a more in depth analysis as well as the other great options. If you would like to contribute to this best office chair knowledge pool I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading and have fun!